About us

Distribution and sale of Fasteners and sheet metal fixing equipment

We have been marketing industrial fastening systems and equipment since 2016. Our staff has a long experience in the sector and is ready to provide the best solutions, even customized ones.

Our offering includes sheet metal fastening systems such as threaded inserts, self-clinching inserts, rivets, weld studs and lockbolts. The range is complete and includes both items produced directly by us and simply marketed. The production takes place partly in China and partly with some Italian subcontractor. Thanks to the specific experience accumulated over the years and to modern technologies, our products have reached an undisputed technical level at highly competitive costs. The use of optical controls downstream of the production process also guarantees correct sizing within the tolerances.

We are able to supply any type of self-clinching insert, threaded insert and weld stud, in standard or custom sizes and with the required material. We employ cold wire forging machines and lathes; we are therefore able, depending on the needs, to mold with the advantages relating to cold forming, or to turn, with the precision and flexibility of the machine tool, any product, with sizes ranging from M2 to M12.

In addition to fasteners, we also offer equipment such as bit pullers, riveters, presses for self-clinchers, welding machines and actual stud welding systems.



In 2017 Awafast has been found comply with the requirements of the certificate UNI EN ISO 9001:2015, which attests our quality system to be consistent with the trading of fastening and welding systems.