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Welcome to Awafast.

Stocked with a complete range of self clinching fasteners, insert nuts and welding studs and ready to serve customers of all sizes.

Self-clinching inserts and rivet nuts create permanent threads with set mechanical features on thin metal boards – less than a millimeter. Installation is extremely easy and clean (no need for painting) and they are suitable for both large and small scale industrial production. Today nuts, stand offs, spacers, rivet nuts and welding studs are used widely in sheet metal manufacturing.

Self Clinching Fasteners

Self-clinching fasteners enables you to create threads on thin boards and small spaces. Installation by the only tool of a press is quick and clean and do not need painting.

A self-clinching fastener is usually threaded. When pressed into a prepared hole on a sheet metal (of appropriate hardness and thickness) it displaces the host material around the mounting hole, causing it to cold flow into a specially designed annular recess in the shank or pilot of the fastener. A serrated clinching ring, knurl, ribs or hex head prevents the fastener from rotating in the host material once it has been properly inserted. Self-clinching fasteners become a permanent part of the panel, chassis, bracket, or other item into which they are installed.

Insert Nut

A rivet nut, also known as a threaded insert  is a one-piece internally threaded and counterbored tubular rivet that can be anchored entirely from one side.Based on the application, one end of the tubular rivet can be closed or ‘blind’. In this case they are called blind rivet nuts. 

Rivet nuts can be installed on any board, even if you have access to on side only of the board (pipes for example). Rivet tools are portable and can be used in a large variety of operating environment.

Welding Studs

Stud Welding is a method of attaching a metal fastener to another metal component. Welding studs are available in stainless steel, copper plated steel and aluminium. They are attached quickly, from one side, and components can then be bolted to them.

Welding studs internal and external thread (WSIT/WSPT) are very reliable and easy to install. They are therefore the first choice for many applications. Our products are made according to ISO 13918 standard.